Born in 1963 in Aichi Prefecture, live in Tokyo

In my art, I express the smells, presences and passage of time perceived by humans through

their skin’s tactile awareness, I have presented my works in art spaces and galleries in a variety

of locations. Beginning with a video installation presented in 2003, I have expanded the scope

of my activities to include music,performances, and direction of image-based media for theater.

[Selected Solo Exhibitions]

1997  Shadows floating on the water The Third Gallery Aya/Osaka Japan

2000  Plants Gallery Past Rays/Yokohama Japan

          a priori Gallery NAF/Nagoya Japan

2002  Innocence Atelier am Eck/Dusseldorf Germany 

2010  Stopping by waterside Gallery Kai/Osaka Japan

2012  floating sign Photo&Art Gallery Psyche/Nagoya Japan

2013  a priori innerplants Sokyusha/Tokyo Japan

2014  floating signs Sokyusha/Tokyo Japan

2015  floating sign epSITE/Tokyo Japan

2016  a priori innerplants 1839 Contemporary Gallery/Taipei Taiwan

    for ever a day Photo & Art Gallery Psyche/Nagoya Japan

2017    waiting for the rain Gallery722/Okayama Japan

    waiting for the rain Sokyusha/Tokyo Japan

[Selected Group Exhibitions]

2000  CHRONO-GRAPH Kyoto Art Center/Kyoto Japan

2001  OSAKA TRIENNALE 2001 CASO/Osaka Japan 

    City of Dusseldorf and Goethe Institut Kansai Prize

2003  Position 2003 Nagoya City Art Museum/Nagoya Japan 

2008  OGAKI BIENNALE 2008 Ogaki Japan

2009  Fan DE Nagoya Art Exhibition 2009 “ Finder “ Nagoya Citizens Gallery Yada/Nagoya Japan 

2014  FOIL AWARD 2014 FOIL GALLERY/Kyoto Japan

2016  hana feel art zero/Nagoya Japan

[Selected Visual Effects]

2004  Collaboration Movies/Photos/Talkings/Musics and Scents  Aioiza Gallery Yougen/Tokyo

2007  HOKUSAI TO OEI K・D Japon/Nagoya Japan

2008  HITOKUI★CIRCUS K・D Japon/Nagoya Japan

2009  KUSAMAKURA K・D Japon/Nagoya Japan

2010  UBASUTE K・D Japon/Nagoya Japan



2013  a priori innerplants Sokyusha/Tokyo Japan

2014  Foil Vol.4 FOIL/Kyoto Japan

[Public Collection]

Osaka Prefecture

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